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Feature one 1 Key 3 Keys 6 Keys 10 Keys 50 Keys
Feature two 2 Homes 7 Homes 10 Homes 15 Homes 30 Homes
Feature three VIP Kit VIP+ Kit LEGEND Kit Godly Kit Infamous Kit
/example1 Command
/example2 Command
/example3 Command
/example4 Command
/example5 Command
/example6 Command
/example7 Command
/example8 Command
/example9 Command
/example10 Command

The following perks are for the LucidGaming 2x server only. For LucidSandbox perks please use the menu on the left.

The chart below compares the differences between VIP and VIP+


For full instructions on how to use each perk, click below:

If you would like to purchase anything for a friend, before adding an item to your basket you'll see an option to "Gift this package". Please enter your friend's Steam ID 64. If your friend doesn't know their Steam ID 64, they can use
Steam ID 64 example: 76561198009909978

Note: you cannot upgrade your membership by paying the "difference" between them, so please choose which membership you want carefully!

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